/Ebook – 2016 UX Report by Avocode

Ebook – 2016 UX Report by Avocode

The purpose of this study is to reveal and understand the stable and changing trends in web design based on 1,127,302 of Photoshop & Sketch designs that have been uploaded to Avocode in 2016.

Photoshop is no longer in the lead

Sketch (along with other progressive tools) has kicked off a new era of digital design:

  • 2015: 57% Photoshop designs vs. 43% Sketch designs
  • 2016: 41% Photoshop designs vs. 59% Sketch designs

Symbols are becoming a design standard

In April 2016, Sketch re-introduced Symbols to save designers more time.

  • Sketch files saw 7.6x growth of Symbols usage
  • Even Adobe Xd and Affinity Designer have introduced Symbols to keep up the pace


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